August 28, 2012

Revisiting old times....

This is a shoot that my friend Shana and I did about 4 months ago with my horse, Dennis. I'm finally caught up on my editing so I thought I'd get a few of these done before my next wedding on Saturday. Enjoy this tasty treat--- however, just look at my beautiful horse. I'm REALLY awkward in front of a camera....


August 19, 2012


Presenting Little Miss Toddler Utah USA! This is my first shoot for the Miss Utah USA pageant:) We had so much fun! Stay tuned for the rest:)


August 13, 2012

David + Amanda Engagements

David and Amanda got engaged using this blue mustang. It was such a cute story we knew we had to use it in our shoot! When we met at the drive-in, the magic began! We had so much fun letting our creative juices flow! They were such great clients and trusted me implicitly, which made for great photos! I can't wait for their wedding in October!!


August 9, 2012

Summer Slumber

I have so many new beautiful shoots to post! I am so excited about all of them! Until then, here's another little taste:)


August 7, 2012

Stranded at the Drive-in

I'm so excited about this shoot! This couple got engaged using this car, so we thought it would be cute to do a drive-in shoot to remember it. It was so much fun! The whole time I've been editing these I keep singing: "Stranded at the drive-in... branded... a fool..." Haha! Stay tuned for the rest:)


August 2, 2012

Sarah + Casey Engagements

What a beautiful couple, inside and out! These two had me laughing during the entire shoot! They have so much chemistry and the love between them is illuminating. Check it out and see for yourselves! I cannot wait for their wedding:)