Preparing for Your Shoot

Feel it.

Nothing—and I mean NOTHING--- is more important than how you feel during a photo shoot. Whether it is your wedding day or if you are getting family pictures taken, always be positive. If things aren’t going perfect, if your hair is a little askew, or if the little ones are tired--- it’s okay. These are all moments to remember. Take a deep breath, relax and choose to be happy. Because when you look back on your pictures, you will always remember how you felt and so will those around you.


Style is extremely important.  Layers always look good in photographs. That doesn’t mean a T-shirt over another T-shirt… Try mixing up textures, playing with colors, and adding some fun accents. Hats, scarves, and fun jewelry are always good choices.
Don’t go too bold with patterns. Keep it simple with a pop of sass. For weddings, pick a crème or champagne color dress—they are always more flattering than white.

Look at these websites for some style inspiration:

Themes and Props.

Themed shoots are a blast for you and for us as photographers! Plus, they give photographs timelessness and a uniqueness that will be unsurpassed.
Bring fun props that are special to you. You could have a photo shoot with the old truck you owned when you first proposed or you could bring you kids favorite stuffed animal! Feel free to bring cupcakes and candy because they photograph well, and it’s a great way to keep the kiddos happy!

Makeup and Hair.

When in doubt, keep it simple. Simple and natural makeup and hair looks classy and doesn’t date photos… However…. Bold styles can take a photo from mediocre to absolutely fabulous!
So… pick a side. If you want a super sassy look, wear something high fashioned with smoky eyes and a daring ‘do’. If want a natural, timeless look -- then keep it simple.  Loose, smooth curls and fresh eyes with a tinted lip-gloss is a great way to go.


The greatest catalyst for success or failure in a shoot is…communication! Make sure you are communicating well with your photographer. If you want a certain shot, make sure I know. If you don’t like the way I’m doing something, tell me. And just as important--- if you DO like the way I am doing something, tell me! It’s always good to know if we’re on the same page.


Following these simple guidelines will ensure a pleasurable experience and priceless memories. Plus, they’re just great rules to follow for life!

Below are some great examples of classic style, and use of textures. Take note of their natural hair and make-up choices with pops of accents and colors